[Users] Claws Mail - Message List - Focus next message in list after delete

Hanno Meyer-Thurow h.mth at web.de
Thu Apr 7 10:39:25 CEST 2016

Hi list!

At some point, I think it was version 3.12.0, the very cool feature,
which I used frequently, was removed:

	Focus next message in message list after delete

So whenever I get my dose of spam mails, fetching mails in the morning
and evening, I just pressed 'delete' key as many times as spam mails
were there. Now, I have to press 'delete' key, then 'arrow down' key
and repeat as many times as spam mails are there. That is quite

Was that change intended?
Is there a commit which I may look at to undo this change?

Kind regards
Hanno Meyer-Thurow

Software Entwickler/Software engineer
Dipl.-Ing. IT (FH)/University of applied sciences

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