[Users] Absolutely OT: Red "S" in message Status field

Ralf Mardorf silver.bullet at zoho.com
Sun Apr 3 10:30:01 CEST 2016

Liz and Steve,

if an issue is explained that good, that there aren't doubts, since a
misunderstanding is highly unlikely, then it's not good to assume the
possibility of a misunderstanding by hook or crook and to bring in an
absurd possibility.

Good troubleshooting means to keep in mind that a misunderstanding,
confused communication, something very unlikely always is possible, but
anyway, first to methodically check the most plausible, most likely
possibilities step by step.

If somebody mentions that the toaster is defect, it's not good trouble
shooting, to mention that last week your car was damaged and to assume
that perhaps the one reporting the defect toaster is mistaken and not
the toaster does cause an issue, but the car of this person is
damaged, too. However, if you guess the car might be defect, instead of
the toaster, this could happen, because we are humans and "errare
humanum est", it makes no sense afterwards to insist that mistaken
troubleshooting was not mistaken troubleshooting, but instead to call
it a good troubleshooting method.

Always start to check the most probable things. If you for good
reasons have doubts, it seems to be likely that somebody made a mistake,
since somebody e.g. guesses that the rain-sensing wipers of the toaster
are broken, it's something else, but as long as there aren't such doubts
for good reasons, don't care about something very unlikely.

If somebody points out, that your troubleshooting is mistaken and
you indeed was mistaken, it's wise to accept it, instead of explaining
why something absurd, based on misunderstanding the report, was a good
way to exclude something completely unlikely.


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