[Users] Deleting one long thread

Pierre Fortin pf at pfortin.com
Wed Sep 30 15:38:46 CEST 2015

On Wed, 30 Sep 2015 14:14:51 +0200 Francis Moreau wrote:

>ok, my last try: 
Somehow, I'm not convinced...

>imagine your summary window has a lot of different
>threads. You want to delete the old ones, let say 10 of them. Isn't
>more convenient to colapse all threads, then select the ones you want
>to supprim then press SUPPR and you're done ?

...and many newcomers to CM start complaining that hitting ONE key
deleted MANY IMPORTANT emails.  NOT what THEY were expecting...  How would
you propose the current devs handle those complaints?

How to do what you want/need has been pointed out.  You seem to have
enough skills to understand your "problem", the workaround/fix, and how
to use it...  Not everything in CM will make sense to you; but sometimes
choices were made long ago by devs who are no longer here. 

I LOVE CM. Used it for nearly 14 years (since Sylpheed-claws days) and
have nothing but respect for the WONDERFUL devs who work hard to make
SC/CM the BEST MUA they can, mostly for their own use and simply for the
joy of it.  The fact that WE (normal users) get to enjoy their generous
efforts is awesome.  

I too had a few back and forth discussions with devs in the past; but this
barrage of:  is too! is not! is too! is not! is too! is not! is too! is
not! is too! is not! is too! is not! is too! is not! is getting OLD! Each
response (either way) should contain something usefully new, or not be

>What is the *default* behaviour in this case ? after selecting the old
>threads you want to delete, you press SUPPR and .... tada... only the
>root of each thread is deleted... wonderful !

This is how I interpret your real, unstated point: you expect someone
else to come to the same conclusion as you, make it the default, and more
importantly save you the "trouble" of actively choosing to enable
something potentially dangerous...  All without considering ramifications
you missed or deny; such as...

To a NEW user, [s]he would a) not realize this was a "problem", b) wipe
brow with a "PHEW! That was close!" -- silently being thankful for not
losing a whole thread, c) eventually realize one-at-a-time is slow & ask
about it, get a solution [for the more expert user], and USE it...

>BTW, this is also true for others operations such as copy, move etc..

Same reasoning applies here...  Ever "accidentally" drag a LARGE folder
to another location?  Watching & waiting until it completes, knowing the
pain will be doubled when you want to put it back...

My point is that some defaults are intended to avoid the OPPOSITE rant
chains... er... threads...

PLEASE, do NOT pick at anything I said here as misplaced proof of me "not
understanding" your issue...  I have better things to do than write a
novel to cover every corner case anyone thinks I missed.

Let's put this thread to bed...   OK? :)


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