[Users] very lamer question on libravatar

Maurizio Marini maumar at datalogica.com
Thu Nov 19 19:27:16 CET 2015

Hello list
I would have my imagine like many of you, with 
I have accessed www.libravatar.org, it requested me to register or use an
openid account.
Like (I suppose) meny ppl around, I have an openid "digital identity" account on
So I used that to access www.libravatar.org.
I submitted my image and I link 3 of mine email account to this libravatar
account, this one I am using to post to this list, too.
Now, when I send an email as maumar at datalogica.com I would expect to view my
image; this is very oscar-wild-ish, I 'now...
But I don't see it
Why? what am I missing?
Many thnx
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