[Users] open source software

Nic Ford nic at mindwalker.co.uk
Wed Nov 4 09:31:39 CET 2015

I'm still using Eudora which is great, and Claws seems a suitable 
replacement. But I have never used open source software before and I 
can find no instructions about how you use it - what are all those 
source files etc? I installed Claws on windows 7 and there are 
plugins I want to use but they are not available. Instructions say 
use the package manager - what is that and how do I use it? There are 
tools available on the web site but how do I run them? Where can I 
find out about all this stuff, there is an assumption that everyone 
already knows it! I don't even know how to use the posting system for 
help, where do I look for the reply to this email? How do I search 
the archives? A big black hole of information for the newcomer.


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