[Users] Problem with clawsrc occasionally reverting to default

Joebug joebug at ouvaton.org
Wed Mar 25 20:10:56 CET 2015

Hello CM List users,

I am a relatively new user to Clawsmail (less than a year) and am
slowly discovering its many features - often thanks to this mailing

I have sucessfully imported my former thunderbird pop accounts thanks to
tbird2claws.py and replicated this on two different computers and
am now enjoying the (new to me) power of IMAP.

I am experiencing a strange problem with one system - debian 3.16 - CM
3.11.1 - hence this message.

Occasionally, when I start ClawsMail, the "~/.claws-mail/clawsrc"
reverts to default. I am immediately made aware of this because the
claws mail window is much smaller than my preferred setup.

All I have managed to do when this happens is close CM, replace
clawsrc with clarwsrc.bak and start again. The problem never happens

I am aware that this is probably not an issue with Claws-Mail, but
cannot imagine where to start looking.

At one point, when this was happening a little too often, I filed a bug
against claws-mail
but maybe I should have posted here first and asked - hope you'll
forgive this.

Any help / ideas / directions appreciated.

I should add that I don't manually quit Claws-Mail at system shutdown.



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