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--- Comment #2 from Magnus Engström <magnus at aoeu.info> ---
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Proposed patch for adding expansion and collapsing for IMAP folders

I too wanted this functionality, and the search for it only led me here, so I
made an attempt at implementing it myself.

I have attached the patch.

I added "Collapse subfolders" and "Expand subfolders" at the top of the context
menu on the assumption (at least for me) that these are very commonly used
items, but maybe we are few that thinks so and the placement should be changed.

Mnemonics set to E and X for Collapse and Expand respectively, as they were
available, at least for the context menus I tried. A bit counter intuitive with
E not for Expand, but both E and X are to the left on the keyboard on both
QWERTY and Dvorak which should make them nicer to use.

Given then tree

When C is opened (showing the contents of the folder), and the context menu is
invoked on A, collapsing will open A.

When E is opened, collapsing A will keep E as opened/selected.

Expanding never switches opened folder.

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