[Users] Reply-all sent from wrong account...

Pierre Fortin pf at pfortin.com
Wed Mar 11 16:19:25 CET 2015


Did something change in the reply process?

Replying to a message containing:
>From: "A S" <as at foo.com>
>To: "'A C'" <AC at B.COM>
>Cc: "'A D'" <ad at y.com>, "'PW'" <pw at r.com>, "'PF'"<me at pf.com>

uses another account which isn't enabled as my From address.

I do have pw at r.com defined for send-only use; but is there a reason for
overriding my main account when replying/all when I'm in the CC list
behind another person I have as an extra account?

Not sure if this is a bug; or if I need to change a setting...  I
suspect this is triggered by the CC ordering...


PS Will be out for a few hours...

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