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Ricardo Mones ricardo at mones.org
Wed Mar 4 16:59:55 CET 2015

Hi Keith,

On Wed, Mar 04, 2015 at 11:38:51AM +0000, Keith Edmunds wrote:
> Claws 3.11.1
> Problem: I can't delete some tags, and trying to often crashes claws-mail.
> Actions: Configuration, Tags. Lists some tags (Action, C, JC, L, $label1,
> $label2, $label3). Highlight any one of them, click Delete, click Delete
> in confirmation dialog, tag remains. Note: I'm trying to delete the tag
> itself, not remove it from a mail. On a few occasions when I've tried
> this, claws has just closed under me.

IIRC you have to close the window after deleting the tag to make it 
effective. If you try to delete the same tag again it crashes, it my
memory serves me.

> If this is a known issue, I'll leave it with you. If not, and you'd like
> some investigation done, let me know and I'll look into it later.

https://bugs.debian.org/711730 mentions also $-tags, maybe there's some
problem with some server or maybe these need special quoting.

> Thanks,
> Keith
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I guess first one is typos, isn't it? :)
  Ricardo Mones 
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