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Andreas Fink finkandreas at web.de
Wed Mar 4 15:16:02 CET 2015

On Wed, 4 Mar 2015 14:56:45 +0100
Jean-Christophe Boggio <claws-mail at thefreecat.org> wrote:

> Maybe my question was not clear enough.
> For me, a mail has 3 states :
> * unread
> * read
> * processed/done
> The unread->read is an automatic state change, the read->done is a
> manual one.
> How do you do this manual action in claws ?
> Thanks,
> JC
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You can create an action, which moves a message
(Configuration->Actions) to another folder (your Archive folder).

Then you need to allow to assign custom keyboard shortcuts
(Configuration -> Preferences -> Other -> Miscellaneous -> Enable
customisable keyboard shortcuts)

Then hover to Tools -> Actions -> YOUR_ACTION (don't click on the
action, just keep your mouse above it, so it is selected), and assign a
keyboard shortcut to it (by pressing the shortcut you want to use, e.g.

Now you have assigned a shortcut with an action, and whenever you press
the shortcut the selected messages will be processed through this
action (i.e. moved to the Archive folder).

Is this the behaviour you're looking for?

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