[Users] Archive function

Paul claws at thewildbeast.co.uk
Wed Mar 4 15:02:12 CET 2015

On Wed, 4 Mar 2015 14:56:45 +0100
Jean-Christophe Boggio <claws-mail at thefreecat.org> wrote: 

> For me, a mail has 3 states :
> * unread
> * read
> * processed/done

In Claws Mail a mail has 3 states:

* new
* unread
* read

You can create a processing rule, based on age, which will move the
message. But you will need to create the destination folder. At
worst, you will need to create a new archive folder and edit the rule
(or add a new rule) once a year.

with regards


Guerre aux châteaux, Paix aux chaumières

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