[Users] [Bug 2227] Implement some way of asynchroneous processing of imap actions

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Mon Mar 2 16:38:19 CET 2015


--- Comment #5 from tot-to <tot-to at tot-to.com> ---
I'll send 93 mBTC (currently about €20) in a next few hours in support of this
feature request from the address 13dRovCLrRf1zXBdZnL69Dd297oLTrQXLW.

More specifically, I would like to suggest to prefetch messages, which are most
likely to be accessed next moment, such as firsh and last few messages and the
first few unread messages in each imap-directory.

Let's say, user have 20 unread messages and 5 of them are prefetched. In this
case when one reads a first of them, another unread message is beeing
prefetched in the background.

Another solution is to make an optional full copy of the imap account,
sychronized to the server. To me it's even better, because it enables offline

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