[Users] Portable version of CM; compactness of settings and data

sergei karhof karhof21 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 07:39:26 CET 2015

Some time ago I remember seeing a portable version of CM for Windows. I
think it was from the portableapps website though I am not sure.
Is there any officially maintained (or even unofficially maintained, as
long as it is maintained ;) portable version of CM for Windows?

What I am very particular about is the compactness of the settings and the
data, which I don't want to be scattered all over the operating system.
That's why on Windows I very much prefer the self-contained portable
versions of programs. It's also much easier to backup.

If indeed there is no portable CM version any more, what strategy do you
advise me to follow in order to keep all my CM settings and data as compact
as possible?


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