[Users] Many problems with Claws-Mail 3.12

David BERCOT claws-mail at bercot.org
Sat Jul 25 09:15:11 CEST 2015


I have some recent problems with Claws-Mail... I'm under Debian and my
version is 3.12.0-20-gf0b735 (but it was the same with previous 3.12

First of all, I have no decoration for the main window of
Claws-Mail !!! No title bar and no Gnome taskbar ! It's very
annoying ;-)
But this problem does not exist in composing window...
Claws-Mail is the only application with this problem (so, I suppose it
is not a Gnome issue)...

Then, and it's new too, when I delete or move a mail (my messages are
sorted in a descending direction with the newer at the top), it goes to
the last message, at the end of the folder !!! Very annoying too...

And last, when I delete a mail with the "del" key, I have no problem.
But, when I use the context menu, Claws-Mail crashes...

Do you have any idea for my problems ?

Thank you.

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