[Users] [Bug candidate] Invalid window focus issue after modifying account settings

KA soldes at gmx.fr
Sat Dec 26 14:13:10 CET 2015

OS : linux
Claws version : 3.12.0

Symtom :
Claws will ask for passphrase after editing accounts

Severity :
Low, can be misleading until you understand what is happening.

Prerequisite :
To reproduce, the passphrase shall expired or not present in memory

Test case :
- in your inbox, select an encrypted message.
- go to "Configuration" > "Edit accounts" (select any account, even
  those not managing any encryption)
- get out of the account settings validating with "OK"
- Incorrect : a screen will ask you for your passphrase ! Why ?
Now do something different :
- edit an account setting, the same or another
- get out of the account settings this time by pressing "Cancel"
- Correct, that is to say, it will only ask you for your passphrase if
  you click on the inbox window.

Conclusion :
This is a minor bug that deserves a fix because it is misleading /
unclean : we have a different behaviour on "Edit Account" ... and
furthermore with account that are absolutely not concerned with

Hint :
The execution goes to a different part of the source wheter you
validate or cancel an account setting in regards with the window focus.

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