[Users] sssl certificate update - whats claws doing ?

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Thu Dec 24 13:16:11 CET 2015


The following happened:

(1) Mailbox provider changed their SSL certificates.

(2) After the first boot of the day, i POP-ed my mails (as an exception, the specific account setting was not delete, but leave mails on server)

(3) Claws popup accordingly asked me to update SSL cert

(4) I was surprised because usually they first send an informational letter for everything about security, and i didn't click anything and left the popup as is, and opened a firefox, logged into the mailbox and looked for some info about that.

(5) When i finally returned to the popup, and clicked 'accept', the next popup said 'Error: ... timeout' which message was only to close (OK).

(6) After that, i expected the popup to re-appear when again clicked Download Mail. Instead, all mails got downloaded just as usual !

(7) I shut down and repeated steps 1-6 with the same result.

(8) Finally, third time, i accepted the new cert so i cannot (?) test the case anymore.

I wrote to provider and they said, it can't be. There's no other mail download than via SSL, and that maybe an IMAP connection was still in use, which apparently is not the case. The also said that their server for sending is different from receiving and they each use their own certificate, which matches my experience (i had to accept a second time for sending). But my test was done with receiving (download), no sending at all.

Does anyone understand whats happening here ?  

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