[Users] Fw: Importing a calendar forces to manage 2 calendars

KA soldes at gmx.fr
Sun Dec 13 02:32:47 CET 2015

Good evening,
I keep trying ...
Tonight I was able to move all the items to my Email inbox ... but from
there, impossible to move it the calendar with rules, icon or right
click "move".

El Sat, 12 Dec 2015 14:40:15 +0100
KA <soldes at gmx.fr> escribió:
> Good afternoon,
> I have imported my old calendar (an .ics file) inside vCalendar.
> Expected : have only 1 calendar (that includes old data inside).
> Observed : there are 2 calendars (the "OLD" imported blue icon in the
> screenshot and the standard one just over it, let's call it "NEW")
> ==> See "2_calendars.png" attached
> I said to myself, let's work only with the OLD calendar. But it does
> not work since adding a new meeting is greyed out.
> Moreover, you cannot delete the NEW calendar
> I attempted to copy the OLD over the NEW with apparently no result :
> cp /home/kamy/.claws-mail/tagsdb/#vCalendar/vCalendar/._home_kamy_Mail_CALENDAR_ca.../.claws_tags
>    /home/kamy/.claws-mail/tagsdb/#vCalendar/vCalendar/.meetings/.claws_tags
> Do you have a solution ?
> OR a workaround (like importing data from OLD to new)
> please ?
> Thank you,
> Kamy
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