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Andy Waterhouse <waterhouseandy at onetel.com> wrote:

> I've attempted to print out entire emails and selections from emails received into the Claws email 'Inbox'. Result: tiny font too
> small to read that occupies about 20% of the available A4 page width.
> I've read Claws FAQ's which had a question/answer about printouts but, frankly, it may as well have been written in Klingon
> (perhaps it was?) for all it meant to me.
> I can't find any options to manage print setup under 'Configuration' so how can I achieve sensible printouts from Claws?
> Any advice or assistance in non-tech language please. Thanks in anticipation.

Quick and dirty work-around to by-pass the problem:

- Select and copy what you want printed.
- Paste in a LibreOffice-Writer empty page.
- Print that page.
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