[Users] khard and/or import/export contacts from addressbook

Gour gour at atmarama.net
Wed Aug 19 21:03:54 CEST 2015


today I’ve discovered nice app - khard
(https://github.com/scheibler/khard) - console Cardav client which has
support for for e.g. mutt and alot email clients and is supported by
vdirsyncer which can be used to sync contacts (& calendars) with
CardDAV/CalDAV servers.

Claws’ addressbook is very nice, but, unfortunately has import-only
support for several external ones like Mutt/Pine as well as few others
via contributed Tools scripts.

The only format providing both import/export facility is LDAP’s LDIF
which is, afaict, not used much by ’average desktop user’, so I wonder
if the new Addressbook (not merged yet, afaik) is going to provide some
additional import/export facilities and/or is there a plan to add some?

If someone has some other alternative/tool how to e.g. use khard with
Claws Mail I’d be very thankful to know about it since I plan to go back
to Claws/vim/etc.


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