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Gour gour at atmarama.net
Wed Aug 19 18:10:15 CEST 2015

Slavko <linux at slavino.sk> writes:

Hello Slavko,

At the moment I’m using Gnus for my email/news and org-mode for keeping
my calendar/contacts in sync with my Android phone by syncing via my
instance of ownCloud.

Gnus/org-mode are powerful tools, but I consider they require too much
tweaking and there is no good-enough solution to sync tasks between
org-mode and the phone, so I’m considering to move back to
Claws-mail/vim and taskwarrior for which there is working Android

> It is carddav/caldav synchronizer. While i never used it for carddav
> syncing, i am using it for syncing the calendars from my radicale
> server and i am using this synced file in my Orage (XFCE) calendar
> application.

I was until recently Xfce user, but decided to use GNOME3 since it
requires less tweaking in order to get everything working, but it looks
that CM’s vCalendar plugin cannot import *.ics file?

At the moment I create my calendar tasks using Emacs’ org-mode and sync
with the Android phone. I also use two calendars - for me and my wife
and most of the entries are repeated tasks - her work schedule and my
non-profit occupations, so considering that I just tweak calendar files
approx. once in a month, I could live with file import of *.ics, but it
looks that CM’s vCalendar plugin cannot import single *.ics file? (I see
only option for export.)

> I initialized the caldav server <-> single ICS file capability and
> author was willing to implement it, then if it not fits your (CM)
> needing, then there is chance that it will be implemented.

It would fit my workflow in case one can import into CM?

What about contacts?

Do you do any contact syncing or CM’s addressbook is still kind of
isolated island when it comes to CardDAV support?

Any hint for syncing contacts with the phone via ownCloud?


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