[Users] GMail accounts with aliases

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Sun Aug 16 17:03:20 CEST 2015


i'm not using Google (i'm analphabet) but usually, aliases of one account can't be 'downloaded' seperately. You just POP or IMPA the complete account.

As for composing: You can filter those mails after "To:" into separate folders, which represent the aliases, and set up a "From:" default in the folder properties. I think that would accomplish what your friend is asking for. Your friend miht want to check 'save sent message into this folder instead the Sent folder'. 

have fun


> I'm asking this for a good friend, who is looking at Claws on his Mac.
> He uses GMail for everything (for some reason I can't understand, but
> never mind that) and has a long list of aliases. Is it possible to
> configure Claws to select from these aliases when he composes his
> message in any way? Would he need to set up individual SMTP accounts
> for them?
> I've been looking through the FAQ and the information linked to there
> on how to use Claws with GMail, but can't find anything. Has anyone
> here done this?
> Petter

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