[Users] Printing Problem

Martin Kluge Martin_Kluge at gmx.de
Sun Aug 9 15:33:16 CEST 2015


Dan Arico schrieb um 10:22 am Donnerstag den 06. August 2015:

> One of the things I've liked about claws is the ability to
> highlight a portion of an email and then print only the highlighted
> portion. (Note: Linux)
> Recently, I upgraded my OS to Suse 13.2 from 13.1. Now I'm having a
> problem doing that, but only with messages using html. If I display
> it as text and print the whole text there's no problem. If I
> highlight a portion and print, it truncates some lines. If I format
> the text using fancy, it prints the entire text whether I highlight
> the text or not.
> I have a workaround. I can cut and paste into a text editor and
> print from the editor. Still, it would be nice to be able to print
> the way I had been doing it.

I also use SuSE 13.2 and also have the problem of truncated text. I
have the problem with almost all of my emails. The preview ist fine,
but the actual print not.

The behaviour ist somethin like the following (example print in front
of me):
- 5 lines printed correctly
- 2 characters in one line and missing text
- 7 lines printed correctly
- 1 character in one line and missing text
- 4 lines printed correctly
- 2 lines with one carracter, 1 line with 4 charcters,  1 line with 5
  charatcers and missing text
- etc.


Martin Kluge

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