[Users] Wtf?! Claws doesn't find my accounts anymore!

Ralf Mardorf info.mardorf at rocketmail.com
Thu Aug 6 12:36:34 CEST 2015

On Thu, 6 Aug 2015 12:12:18 +0200, Ralf Hutter wrote:
>But losing a mailbox in Claws while still having the mailbox's folders
>in some Claws folders is strange and i thought somebody have an idea
>about it.

IIUC in the menu "Configure > Edit accounts..." all your accounts are
still available?

You assigned a folder to an account, but this folder isn't were you
created it, instead it became a subfolder of another folder?

Are you using POP and/or IMAP?

FWIW if I try to move a folder into another folder, a dialogbox opens
and ask me to confirm it. A check box allows to disable this
confirmation dialog box, so it might be possible to move a folder by
I'm using POP accounts with Claws 3.12.0-43-g278084-dirty on an Ubuntu
and on an Arch openbox install.

Did you use sudo mv and cp commands with wildcards or something like
this? Perhaps you messed up your $HOME by doing an user error.


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