[Users] Integrating vdirsync

Manuel Groß mgr at nordkrater.de
Mon Nov 24 23:26:34 CET 2014

Hey there,

I just managed to set up vdirsync with my carddav server which runs
a horde webmail. I know have a series of .vcf files (one per
contact) synced to a local directory and wondered how to integrate
those into Claws-Mail.
I see Claws-Mail expects a vcf-file to contain a complete address-book,
so each one has to be added manually. Since I don't want to do that for
each of my contacs, which also tend to fluctuate, this is not an option
for me. 
Also converting those to an addressbook once does not enable me
to sync in both ways.

Is there any way to establish a bi-directional contact syncronisation
in a series of vcf-files?

I am thankful for any hint or pointer here :)

Manuel Groß
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