[Users] Filtering spam

Ralf Mardorf info.mardorf at rocketmail.com
Fri Nov 7 12:37:17 CET 2014


I use the Bogofilter plugin to move Spam to #mh/Claws Mail/Spam. As a
side note, when I renamed the folder from #mh/Claws Mail/Junk to
#mh/Claws Mail/Spam, I had to manually edit the preferences, while
renaming a folder for the filters, the new name automatically is taken

A filter

spam & from matchcase ".com"
move "#mh/Claws Mail/Spam/Junk .com" stop

doesn't work when receiving the mails, they still will be moved to
#mh/Claws Mail/Spam.

If I manually "Filter all mails in folder", this filter works.

I assume that if I would use the following filter instead

spam & from matchcase ".com"
mark_as_ham move "#mh/Claws Mail/Spam/Junk .com" stop

it likely also wouldnt do it's job and in addition it would train
Bogofilter to detect those mails as _not_ beeing spam in the future,
but Bogofilter should detected those mails as spam in the future too.

How can I filter spam to different spam folders using POP accounts
with Claws Mail 3.11.1-12-g22f9e2e?

It seems to be similar to this
http://lists.claws-mail.org/pipermail/users/2014-November/011365.html ,
but I don't understand what to do.

Perhaps something like
test "bogofilter-foo-bar"

However, when I installed Claws I sent a request to the list and ask if
it's possible to sort as I want to do it now. I got the reply that it
can be done. I can't find a tutorial how to do that. Perhaps I should
have ask for a _user-friendly_ way to do it with Claws. A solution for
nerds is quite useless for me.

I suspect that processing rules could do that, but they also don't do
it automatically, but just when selecting a folder?


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