[Users] [Bug 3128] Claws Mail inserts only one line after a "Content-Type: multipart/mixed" and thus may confuse other clients

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Fri Mar 28 21:50:16 CET 2014


--- Comment #2 from pt8614-599 at online.de ---
Forgive my ignorance. I have no experience with programming email clients. All
I know is that all clients I tested insert a comment line for not
MIME-compatible clients (as text or as blank line) except from Claws Mail. So
it seems to me, that this comment line should be there. So it is Claws Mail
which does not keep in line.

However, my concern is not who gets disgraced. My concern is that a problem
which I encountered in real life can be circumvent quite easily. Considering
the other bug reports for KMail which deal with KMail modifying incoming mail,
I have little hope that this will be fixed soon on the part of KMail. So why
not keep in line with the habit of other clients and insert a comment line? As
far as I see, it would not do harm to Claws Mail and there would be one
incompatibility less.

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