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Leon Fisk lfisk at iserv.net
Thu Mar 27 13:43:34 CET 2014

On Tue, 4 Mar 2014 09:40:44 -0400
Leon Fisk <lfisk at iserv.net> wrote:

>It would be really nice if somehow the buttons could be in the same
>locations. The way I work is to use the left hand, keyboard to step to
>the next message and the mouse to click the delete button. Kind of
>messes up my routine when I have to keep moving the mouse pointer
>back and forth for the different button positions :)

Really simple patch (created using 3.9.3 source) that addresses the
button size and location placement for me. So far...

The other, following issues are beyond my current coding capabilities...

>Another problem is if you are in an empty mailbox, like the Inbox and
>check for new messages/emails. If the first new message is larger than
>my 10k limit you will be prompted for? Notice the third screen shot
>(farthest one to the right) has no buttons. You have to select another
>message and then go back to this message to get buttons to show.
>And yet one more little quirk... If you use the mouse to click the
>"mark for deletion" button. Then use the keyboard to move to the next
>message (I have "d" set to "go to next message") which happens to be a
>complete message. Now trying to use the space bar to page through the
>next message won't work. Focus seems to be in the "mark for deletion"
>button area even though that area isn't needed or being shown. Click in
>the message body/list and then the space bar will work again to page
>down through the message.

Claws 3.9.3, Ubuntu Karmic-Lucid
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