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Leon Fisk lfisk at iserv.net
Tue Mar 4 14:40:44 CET 2014

I have my POP3 email account set to only download the first 10k for
each new message (Conf-> Pref for current account-> Receive-> receive
size limit). I then go through them and mark either for deletion or
download. So here is what bugs me.

I've included three screen shots in one image showing the different
buttons/states. The buttons for download/delete change size and
positions because Claws (I think) sees some of them as broken/incomplete
messages, which of course they are.

It would be really nice if somehow the buttons could be in the same
locations. The way I work is to use the left hand, keyboard to step to
the next message and the mouse to click the delete button. Kind of
messes up my routine when I have to keep moving the mouse pointer
back and forth for the different button positions :)

Another problem is if you are in an empty mailbox, like the Inbox and
check for new messages/emails. If the first new message is larger than
my 10k limit you will be prompted for? Notice the third screen shot
(farthest one to the right) has no buttons. You have to select another
message and then go back to this message to get buttons to show.

And yet one more little quirk... If you use the mouse to click the
"mark for deletion" button. Then use the keyboard to move to the next
message (I have "d" set to "go to next message") which happens to be a
complete message. Now trying to use the space bar to page through the
next message won't work. Focus seems to be in the "mark for deletion"
button area even though that area isn't needed or being shown. Click in
the message body/list and then the space bar will work again to page
down through the message.

Any possibility of some enhancements?

Claws 3.9.3, Ubuntu Karmic-Lucid
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