[Users] Claws won't stop trying to get e-mail...

Sébastien ml at terranean.eu
Tue Mar 25 04:32:41 CET 2014

Le 2014-03-24 à 19:44, TN Patriot a écrit:
>   Hi folks,


>   I decided since I wasn't using a particular account, to delete it.

Good idea.

>   Unfortunately what this seems to have caused is that when I click
> on the 'Get Mail' button as I've normally done for the past couple of
> years, to download all the e-mail from all the accounts I have
> checkmarked to do so, I get a popup message of some kind of 'error'

And what does the error say?

>   I found out by clicking on the 'view' button on this popup that
> Claws is trying to download e-mails from the deleted account.

How have you proceeded to deleted this account? Have you made sure it's
not present in the accounts list anymore?

I'm asking because, even though you use Claws since a couple of years
and have more than one account, it can be a common misunderstanding
compared to other mail clients that deleting a mailbox deletes an

So I guess you could try to take a loot at ~/.claws-mail/accountrc, see
if it's there, and delete it from there (close Claws before editing).


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