[Users] Claws won't stop trying to get e-mail...

TN Patriot irgunii at gmail.com
Tue Mar 25 01:44:55 CET 2014

  Hi folks,

  I've got Claws 3.9.3 installed on my Slackware 14.1 and working great...until the
  other day.

  I decided since I wasn't using a particular account, to delete it.

  Unfortunately what this seems to have caused is that when I click on the 'Get
  Mail' button as I've normally done for the past couple of years, to download all
  the e-mail from all the accounts I have checkmarked to do so, I get a popup
  message of some kind of 'error' and when I click 'close' on it, Claws proceeds to
  finish getting any other e-mails from any other accounts.

  I found out by clicking on the 'view' button on this popup that Claws is trying to
  download e-mails from the deleted account.

  Anyone know of any way to stop this? It's getting to be a bit of a pita, heh.


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