[Users] CLUE?: where's the window creation code...

Pierre Fortin pf at pfortin.com
Thu Jul 24 19:14:17 CEST 2014


I have a new machine and setting it all up from scratch...
Previously, copying everything (probably old v. new setting conflicts) has
led to weird system problems which aren't there (so far) with fresh all.  

Anyway, now using KDE's System Settings->Window Behavior->Advanced,
Window Tabbing: [X] Automatically group similar windows

I like that it reduces a lot of window clutter; but...  there's always a
"but"... :)

I know I'll probably have to modify the code myself to do the following;
but I need a clue...

1. Location of call where CM opens the main window
2. Location of call where CM opens compose windows

There is a difference between those 2 calls which causes KDE to treat
main and compose as "not similar" -- that's actually OK/good IMHO...

However, if I open multiple compose(compose,reply,forward,...), these are
treated as "similar" and are grouped into a single tabbed window.  In
actual use, I'm finding this dangerous because Send on one message is so
fast that the next message pops up in the sent one's place.  Almost
clicked Send again (more than once)...  :P

Also, I've had some cases where clicks got repeated so fast that I got
multiple windows/actions, so I can envision accidentally sending
unfinished messages; or some I changed my mind about sending...  :/

Anyway, my goal is to find what, in how CM opens windows, causes KDE to
consider CM's main and compose windows "non similar", thereby not
grouping them. Then, I'm hoping to add something to each compose window
to make them dissimilar to KDE...

Hope that's clear....  Thanks for any clue,

PS  I have been searching through the 226 .c files in src; but that's
tedious without knowing precisely what strings to search for...  some
look promising; but...  :)

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