[Users] Missing spell checker [Claws Mail, enchant, aspell, CentOS 6.5]

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Wed Jul 9 19:36:49 CEST 2014

Claws Mail 3.10.1 compiled from binary on amd 64-bit  CentOS 6.5 Final linux system.

I installed Claws Mail binary, and enchant and aspell (+ English dictionary), all in my local ($HOME ; i.e. ~/) directories, as I do not have root
access (corporate environment).

Claws (configured for IMAP4) runs well, BUT I cannot get the spell checker to install (like I do at home).  Under Configuration:Preferences:Compose
there are only the {Writing | Templates | Wrapping} panels.

Relevant to this issue, the enchant binary is installed at


and the aspell binary is at


Claws is at


I set the path for each, e.g.

export PATH=$PATH:/home/vstuart/Linux/apps/enchant/bin/

but the which command gives the following:

vstuart:$ which aspell

vstuart:$ which enchant

I am at a loss: How can I resolve this issue?
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