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--- Comment #4 from Pranesh Prakash <the.solipsist at gmail.com> ---

In shell environments, drop-down selection menus are not possible, while they
are in GUI.  This is one instance where using the potential of GUI makes a
positive addition to the user experience and makes it more intuitive, while
sticking to the shell paradigm detracts from it.

As Ian has explained, using tab for this "discovery" functionality also
interferes with moving from one field to another, and also makes it opaque and
keeps the autocomplete feature hidden from those who don't already know of its
existence.  In fact, I myself had to search online whether address
autocompletion exists in Claws before realizing that one had to press tab. 
(And I'm speaking as someone who is shifting to Claws from Mutt and

Ideally, the dropdown would also use an internal frequency counter to present
the most-used address before other matches for the same substring.

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