[Users] One filter not working

Brad Rogers brad at fineby.me.uk
Mon Apr 28 20:15:31 CEST 2014

On Mon, 28 Apr 2014 18:35:48 +0100
Neil <senex at drofle.co.uk> wrote:

Hello Neil,

Combining your two posts;

>Each filter is set to apply to the relevant account. I do not specify
>'All' anywhere.

I'm pretty much the same.  Although a few rules are applied to all
accounts here, but only because to do otherwise would lead to several
otherwise identical rules.

>I have now tested it and it still doesn't work. I then ran the filter
>in TBird and it did work. Strange,

Having never used TBird, I've no idea what the syntax is, or if it's
compatible with Claws' rules so here are my rules for sorting Claws

enabled rulename "Claws Mail Bug Reports" account 13
from matchcase "noreply at thewildbeast.co.uk"
move "#mh/FineByMe/MailingLists/Computing/ClawsMail/ClawsMailBugs"


enabled rulename "Claws ML" account 13
header "List-Id" matchcase "users.lists.claws-mail.org"
move "#mh/FineByMe/MailingLists/Computing/ClawsMail"

.....for comparison.  Obviously, the important bits are the selection
criteria (from in the first rule & headers in the second).  My apologies
for the wrapping - those rules are really all on one line each.

If that fails, the next step would be to post your filter rules, so we
can see them and hopefully, spot any obvious mistakes.  The rules can be
found in ~/.claws-mail/matcherrc.

 Regards  _
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        / _)rad        never immediately apparent"
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