[Users] claws performance, >100.000 emails

christian (private) chr.graf at gmx.de
Sat Apr 26 19:34:40 CEST 2014

Dear all,

I am new to claws and my first impression about claws is very positive. 
So I am tempted to move from thunderbird to claws.

My main concern is performance honestly. I have roughly 130.000 emails 
stored in my thunderbird (pop3), including attachments. The thundebird 
profile is about 16G in size.

So I am wondering if claws can handle such large emails nicely? TB 
slowed down heavily last months, so I am looking for an alternative. As 
an example, just sliding through the offline folders (not clicking into 
any of them) results in multiple-seconds of screen-freeze.

Claws/TB will run on a ubuntu-desktop, with 8GB ram and SSD as storage. 
The number of emails to handle will most likely grow further.
related to this would be the question how fast the search-engine will 
be. The reason for storing the emails is to search them. So its crucial 
that claws is somewhat fast in searching such large structures.

any feedback or ideas to to handle this very much welcome


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