[Users] Finally, I had to switch to Thunderbird. CM is too slow to be usable!

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Thu Oct 31 21:07:16 CET 2013

On Oct 31, 2013, at 03:55 PM, Steve Litt wrote:

>I know getting threads right is difficult, but spawning processes isn't
>rocket science.

I haven't looked at Claws's source at all in this regard, but spawning
separate processes instead of threads is probably not the issue.  Even if it
forks[*] instead of spawning a thread, the main Claws process will still need
some information that only that subprocess will have, e.g at least a status of
the subprocess (DONE, PROGRESS, SUCCESS, FAILURE) and the headers of the
messages it's retrieved so that it can display them in the summary window.

So now you've got IPC.

There are lots of ways of doing IPC, but most get pretty complicated to do
correctly when you want a cross-platform solution.  Too bad you can't use
Python's multiprocessing modules. :) And of course above all else, I want
Claws to be extremely robust so there's no possibility of me losing email, or
even inaccurately representing the state of my inbox due to loss of
synchronization between processes.

Or put another way, the Claws developers are all top notch, and I'm sure that
if it were easy, it would be done already.


[*] and then there's Windows (for some folks) to worry about.
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