[Users] Finally, I had to switch to Thunderbird. CM is too slow to be usable!

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Wed Oct 30 18:38:06 CET 2013

On Oct 30, 2013, at 05:52 PM, Daniele Boffi wrote:

>After I hit "Get Mail", and if I have a good network connection,
>everything is fine and all my folders are updated with new messages
>almost instantaneously.
>On the other hand, if the network is not so fast, checking for new
>messages can take *very long* time.

I think this problem is inherent in the single-threadedness of Claws, but
others are more able to address the technical aspects of this.

I'm almost always on a fast (enough) network connection that it doesn't bother
me, and the advantages of Claws outweighs the occasional delay.

The worst part for me is checking the NNTP groups (i.e. Gmane).  On a fast
network, there is still a delay, but it's not so bad.  On slow networks it's
unbearable.  I have to disable checking of Gmane.

Short of getting some amount of multithreaded behavior into Claws (an
admittedly large and disruptive task no doubt), I wonder if it would be
possible to define some kind of preferences which allowed me to say
essentially: "When I'm on network X, check everything, but when I'm not, only
check this imap server or that one."

That would go a long way to allowing me to easily go traveling with Claws.

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