[Users] On which Linux distro is Claws Mail best supported?

Sébastien ml at terranean.eu
Fri Oct 4 03:56:49 CEST 2013

Le 2013-10-03 à 22:03, vitsen at gmx.com a écrit:
> I am a bit worried, as I have read on some posts that there are
> significant bugs in Debian (if I remember correctly). So, does this
> mean that such bugs are also present on Ubuntu, which is based on
> Debian? Should I avoid all Debian/Ubuntu-based distros?

I guess this depends on what type of "bugs" you have heard of, if
they're missing dependencies, conflicting libraries, etc. or bugs
within Claws Mail's source code. For the latter, I fear that you will
only have to wait for bugfixes in the next releases, using another
distribution won't automagically fix those - however, one distribution
or its repositories might keep their packages more up to date than

I've been running Claws (formerly Sylpheed Claws) since I started using
linux a decade ago, first on Slackware and then mostly on Debian
(sid) and Debian based distrubtions (Xubuntu, Ubuntu, Crunchbang). I
haven't noticed a single problem with what I use (several mailboxes,
subfolders, filtering).

I'd recommend Crunchbang linux as its default "destkop environment" is
Openbox and might run well on netbooks (but you're of course free to
use any other distro and install Openbox from there). 


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