[Users] On which Linux distro is Claws Mail best supported?

vitsen at gmx.com vitsen at gmx.com
Thu Oct 3 22:03:48 CEST 2013


I have to choose a Linux distro, and need advice from you.
This question may seem out of place on this mailing list, but it isn't.

Since emails would be my main activity on the operating system, I want to make sure that Claws Mail will work in the best possible way on the platform that I choose.

I am a bit worried, as I have read on some posts that there are significant bugs in Debian (if I remember correctly). So, does this mean that such bugs are also present on Ubuntu, which is based on Debian? Should I avoid all Debian/Ubuntu-based distros?

Since my operating system should be able to run on a low-powered netbook, I was thinking of something like Lubuntu (which is also based on Ubuntu).
What do you suggest?

Please, suggest some solutions where using Claws Mail will give me the least possible trouble.

Thank you

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