[Users] [Bug 2252] [API extension request] API for external password storage (keyring) plugin support

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--- Comment #14 from Michał Górny <mgorny at gentoo.org> ---
(In reply to comment #13)
> Thanks!
> Attachment #1273 [details] is OK for me;
> Attachment #1274 [details]:
> +				ret = gnome_keyring_unlock_sync(NULL, kpass);
> +				if (ret != GNOME_KEYRING_RESULT_OK)
> +					debug_print("gnome_keyring_unlock_sync() failed: %s\n",
> +							gnome_keyring_result_to_message(ret));
> I'd probably put in an alertpanel_error() in this case, so the user knows it?

Generally failure to unlock involves user clicking 'Cancel' in gnome-keyring
password dialog; in that particular case, I don't think we should bother user
with another error message.

However, there can be other cases where error would be appropriate. I plan to
take a second look at all the code paths in the future; but until then, I'd
rather not bother user with all errors :).

> +			if (item->password && *(item->password)) {
> +				enum {
> +					PASS_ANY = 1,
> +					PASS_PROTO = 2,
> +					PASS_PORT = 4
> If I understand correctly the plugin will return a password matching the
> user/server but not necessarily port/protocol. In this case and if the
> password is incorrect, that will prevent the user from logging in. That'd be
> annoying :)

Yes and no. True, it tries from the most specific password to the most general
one. However, if the password doesn't work, claws just asks for another one
(after the error) *.

* I've tried this with IMAP. Not sure if all protos work the same here.

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