[Users] [Bug 2252] [API extension request] API for external password storage (keyring) plugin support

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Thu May 30 15:37:04 CEST 2013


--- Comment #13 from Colin Leroy <colin at colino.net> ---

Attachment #1273 is OK for me;

Attachment #1274:
+                ret = gnome_keyring_unlock_sync(NULL, kpass);
+                if (ret != GNOME_KEYRING_RESULT_OK)
+                    debug_print("gnome_keyring_unlock_sync() failed: %s\n",
+                            gnome_keyring_result_to_message(ret));

I'd probably put in an alertpanel_error() in this case, so the user knows it?

+            if (item->password && *(item->password)) {
+                enum {
+                    PASS_ANY = 1,
+                    PASS_PROTO = 2,
+                    PASS_PORT = 4

If I understand correctly the plugin will return a password matching the
user/server but not necessarily port/protocol. In this case and if the password
is incorrect, that will prevent the user from logging in. That'd be annoying :)

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