[Users] Stuck in a POP3 re-download loop

Mark Kane mark at mkproductions.org
Wed May 8 23:26:12 CEST 2013

Hi all,

I have Claws 3.8.1 running on a FreeBSD 9 machine. The disk filled up 
while Claws was running, and after restarting Claws it started 
re-downloading ~50,000 mails that are stored on the POP3 server as a 
backup. When it was almost done re-downloading them the disk filled up 
again, and now it is starting over downloading everything a third time.

The ~/.claws-mail/tempfolder directory is 14GB currently. The entire 
inbox itself even with the duplicates is 16GB (118,958 messages). On the 
server the mail directory is only 6GB, so I'm not sure why tempfolder is 
growing so large. The machine running Claws only has mirrored 80GB 
disks, and there is less than 1GB free currently with the duplicates so 
I can't really start another download attempt.

Any ideas on the safest way to proceed from here to clean this up would 
be much appreciated. I'd like to remove the duplicates to free up space 
and hopefully have enough to try downloading again, but am not sure if 
the "tempfolder" directory can safely be removed or not. I presume I 
would also want to run the "Delete duplicate messages" under Tools to 
remove dupes that made it to the inbox (this is safe, correct?). I can 
update to the latest version of Claws too if it would help.

Also, is there any further info I can provide to track down what might 
have caused this to happen? I wouldn't think a disk filling up should 
cause corruption of how Claws stores which messages have been 

Thanks very much in advance,


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