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H.Merijn Brand h.m.brand at xs4all.nl
Wed Mar 27 12:03:49 CET 2013

On Wed, 27 Mar 2013 11:38:33 +0100, Neels Hofmeyr <neels at hofmeyr.de>

> Hi users@,
> it took me a bit to get used to Claws' line wrapping, which often
> involves moving back a word, removing a space and re-adding it to
> trigger a line wrap. IMHO that's not ideal, but acceptable.
> But there's still two kludges that I'd like to address:
> 1) When I go back before a (usually longish) word and insert new text,
> the newly typed word in combination with the following word together
> often wraps to the next line, even though the space, which I'm about to
> type one second later, would have allowed the just typed word to have
> stayed on the previous line. Example:
> - Have the line:
> Dolor ipsum flupsum et flotsam repetititerepetititerepetition.
> - Place cursor just before the 'r' of the last word:
> Dolor ipsum flupsum et flotsam |repetititerepetititerepetition.
> - Type a few short words:
> Dolor ipsum flupsum et flotsam oddsam
> tripsome repetititerepetititerepetition.
> The word "tripsome" would have easily fitted on the top line. Only the
> long word should have wrapped. Algorithmically, Claws should probably
> first act as it does now, wrapping both words to the next line, for the
> case that no space will follow. But as soon as the space is added, the
> short word should wrap back to the previous line, if it fits there.
> To work around my current problem, it would be possible to insert words
> *before* the space -- I'd have to retrain myself to do so. But there are
> use cases where that is cumbersome, for example with braces involved:
> Dolor ipsum flupsum et flotsam (repetititerepetititerepetition).
> With the workaround, I would have to go just after '(', type a space,
> go back before the space, and then type. While still possible, that's
> annoying -- as annoying as retraining myself ;)
> 2) Claws does not line-wrap at dashes. I have to insert a space
> manually if a dash is involved. For example, the line:
> Dolor ipsum flupsum et flotsam oddsam tripsum
> Repeti-Iteper-Repeti-Itsum.
> should IMHO wrap as
> Dolor ipsum flupsum et flotsam oddsam tripsum Repeti-Iteper-Repeti-
> Itsum.
> and it should ideally automatically wrap back together if further text
> is inserted at the start of the paragraph, without me having to remove
> spaces after dashes manually.
> An algorithm that always automatically rewraps the entire paragraph
> being edited could address both kludges. In fact, it should suffice to
> always re-wrap starting one line above the current cursor position.
> Do you agree? If there was a patch to implement my suggestions, would it
> be accepted? And ... would anyone care and have the time to dive into
> the code sooner than I would (which would be most welcome)?
> BTW, I do hope that my newline placement is kept intact while you are
> reading this mail, otherwise all of my examples would be confusing
> instead of helpful. If in doubt, manually retype my words in Claws.
> Thanks!
> ~Neels

What is missing - at least in 3.9.0-160-g6eabcd - is a way to re-wrap a
paragraph with Ctrl-L

I think it is DWIM/locig/not-to-difficult to select a paragraph and
after hitting Ctrl-L rewraps that selected part as if it were one line

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