[Users] New user of Claws-Mail -- some questions on features

Gil Weber gilweber at bellsouth.net
Wed Mar 20 17:23:33 CET 2013

Hello, everyone. I've just downloaded Claws-Mail 3.9.0 and installed it
into a SuSE 12.2 64 bit system. Previously I used KMail and am
hoping that some of the features I found useful in KMail are also
available on Claws-Mail. If so, I have not yet found how to activate
them either in the basic install or with plug-ins.

I also have not found a searchable archive of prior discussions so I
was not able to see if my issues have been asked before. Sorry....

1) Is there a way when addressing an outbound e-mail to display a list
of recently used entries (maybe the last 10) and then I can select
from among those for auto-completion? 

2) Is there a way when addressing an e-mail to type a name or
just the first few letters of a name and Claws-Mail will display all
the possible entries in my address book? Then I could select one for

For example, if I typed jo 

Claws-Mail would respond with these names and their e-mail addresses:

johnson, walter
jones, edward
jones, michael
jones, thomas
jordan, bill

Or if I typed jones

Claws-Mail would respond with:

jones, edward
jones, michael
jones, thomas


3) I understand that I cannot send e-mails with html coding (for
example, I cannot underline or bold or add color to text). 

But is there a way I can view e-mails sent to me in html format? I have
a lot of clients who send me e-mails where they compose a message
using various colors and other highlighting, and it's critical that I
am able to see that on my computer. 

If I've asked these questions improperly or in the wrong format or
wrong forum please just let me know how/where to properly post.

Many thanks!  :o)

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