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Changes related to this bug have been committed.
Please check latest CVS and update the bug accordingly.
You can also get the patch from:

2013-03-06 [colin]    3.9.0cvs107

    * src/plugins/fancy/fancy_prefs.c
    * src/plugins/fancy/fancy_prefs.h
    * src/plugins/fancy/fancy_viewer.c
    * src/plugins/fancy/fancy_viewer.h
        Fix bug #2882, "Reverse preference for external content"
        "Block external content" was the only negative preference
        along the other "Enable ..." positive ones, but also had
        several shortcomings, in that it only blocked user-
        requested interactions, like
        - prevent clicking on links
        - prevent right-click/Download link
        - prevent right-click/Save image
        But NOT
        - prevent auto download of images (that's controlled by
          Auto-load images)
        - prevent auto download of javascript (that's controlled
          by Enable scripts)
        - prevent auto download of applets (that's controlled by
          Enable java)
        - prevent auto download of css (that can't be disabled)
        New preference to replace it is "Enable inner navigation"
        and allows to control whether one can click on links to
        navigate inside Fancy viewer. If disabled and "Open in
        external browser" is set, links will be opened in external
        browser; else nothing will happen. In any state of these
        preferences, right-clicking and choosing "Open in viewer"
        or "Open in browser" will do what asked.

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