[Users] claws usability with non-warp connections

kardan kardan at riseup.net
Fri Jun 14 20:56:41 CEST 2013

Dear wise community and delighted developers,

I am wondering how to improve the usability for claws when working with
slow (non-dsl) connections.

There once was an option to not process folder actions directly but on
pressing x ('execute actions'), that was handy as it saved me the
waiting time on moving messages. I can not find it anymore.

Another issue/feature is the automatic downloading of messages and
checking all folders. This is nice as I do not have to deal with this
manually and all imapcache holds the whole mailbox locally (with
'synchronize recursively' set in the properties dialogue for IMAP
account in the tree view.

In the moment for example I see the busy cursor, because I clicked
synchronize folders. The statusbar shows 'message is being
fetched' (or similar as I use german version). That is fine.
Unfortunately most features do not work now like opening/closing
folders in the tree or just switching to them. Is it possible to do
the syncing in background so that claws keeps being responsive?

When a folder is clicked for opening claws first updates the tree and
shows the folder list later. I would love to have it the other way round
that I see the cached tree first and any updates are done in the
background with refreshing the view afterwards. Also all checks for
other folders should wait for this time in my eyes.

Same is for the sending dialogue. I disabled it as it blocked me from
working with claws while a message is sent.

When I switch to offline mode there always are two questions. 

I hope my question is clear, otherwise please ask so I can clarify it a
bit more. Any hints for (hidden) options are welcome. I read 
/usr/share/doc/claws-mail/README.gz and
http://www.claws-mail.org/manual/claws-mail-manual.txt with no luck.

The only option on update was statusbar_update_step which is solely
changing the display.

I just saw, that there has been a release on June 8th (3.9.2) and
updated my git repository, but there is no difference regarding the
above behaviour.

At best I can have a look at the code in one week or two.


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