[Users] Spawning Claws-Mail fails, I don't know why

Steve Litt slitt at troubleshooters.com
Wed Jul 24 23:38:40 CEST 2013

Hi all,

Now that I've switched from Xfce to OpenBox, I need to make much more
use of my UMENU program. After acquiring the user's keystrokes, UMENU
spawns the user-selected program, and then terminates. UMENU uses the
Linux-idiomatic way of doing that: Here's the code:


The referenced code spawns almost everything else, although it
intermittently failed on Thunar, another GTK software. With Claws-Mail,
you spawn it and see nothing, although a ps -ax command shows that it
actually ran Claws-Mail --- you just can't see it. 

When I try to run Gimp, another GTK program, you see Gimp's splash
screen, but the actual app isn't brought up, and ps -ax reveals no Gimp
in existence. With Gimp, like Thunar, this problem is intermittent, as
opposed to being reproducible in Claws-Mail.

I cured the Thunar problem by running Thunar as a daemon in the
foreground, after which my spawner program spawned it perfectly every
time. But I don't see an analogous option for Claws-Mail.

Does anyone have ideas why my code would fail to bring up the
Claws-Mail GUI? Do you have any ideas for troubleshooting it, or for
any GTK adjustments, or anything like that?



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