[Users] How to colour incoming messages?

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at shikadi.net
Tue Jul 9 09:54:28 CEST 2013

> Right-click on Inbox. Chose Properties, remove the tick for Run
> Processing Rules when opening.
> Under Menu Item "Tools", note there is "Run folder processing rules"
> (sixth entry from the top). You can run them anytime you want manually
> while in/using said folder and they don't have to run automatically.

Oh I didn't notice that!  Well that means I might be able to do it this
way, and if that doesn't work I can use the Python script Holger

I have to confess the idea of marking messages before filtering is
growing on me, mainly because it's one extra layer of safety.  At the
moment I am somewhat terrified of accidentally pressing "filter all
messages in folder" and watching my to-do list get ruined :-)  Having
to mark messages first would mean an accidental run like this wouldn't
cause any problems.

So thanks everyone for all the suggestions and help.  It looks like
there are a couple of ways to solve this problem!


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