[Users] How to colour incoming messages?

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at shikadi.net
Sun Jul 7 10:29:13 CEST 2013

> export MATCHFILE=.claws-mail/matcherrc
> cat $MATCHFILE|perl -e\ "while(<STDIN>){ \
>  s/(move|forward|color)/\& ~unread \1/ unless (/unread/); \
>  print}" > $MATCHFILE.bck
> [...]
> If there are multiple conditions it's not that easy as it is not
> possible mix | and & so only two rules need match I think.

This is an interesting idea.  I am guessing it would probably work if
you created a new filter rule that matched unread messages, with an
action of "stop filtering"?  Then any rules before this one would apply
to all messages, but rules running after this one would only apply to
read messages?  That way you wouldn't have to alter any existing

Or in my case I could stop filtering if the message is unmarked, that
way the remaining rules would only work on messages that have been
marked for archiving.

Maybe I will have to settle for a two-key operation then, one key to
mark the message and another to run the rules?


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