[Users] How to colour incoming messages?

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at shikadi.net
Sun Jul 7 10:20:27 CEST 2013

> But not as soon as you've read the message (which I believe is what
> you actually wanted...?), no.

Thanks all for the detailed replies!  And sorry I should have been a
bit clearer.  When I said I wanted the rules to run after I read the
message, I meant when I have decided that I have dealt with the
message.  I'm not worried about the read/unread state of the e-mail, it
could be either (there are notification e-mails I can archive without

Since I use my inbox kind of like a to-do list, it will be full of read
and unread messages, awaiting some kind of action.  Once I have
performed that action, the message gets archived to some folder based
on certain critera (e.g. the messages from my bank go to a
different folder than bugzilla mails.)  Since dragging and dropping
message after message is slow, I like to automate the movement as much
as possible.

At the moment the best way I have found to do this is to make it so that
when I press ` (the backtick/tilde key) the filters are manually run on
the selected messages.  This moves only the messages I want, and only
when I decide they are ready to be archived.  Pressing ` after reading
each message is very easy, which I like.  (Well, I have to press ` then
the End key to go back to the next message, since Claws likes jumping
all over my inbox when moving messages out like this.)

> You can use "Processing rules" instead of filtering.

This does sound promising, except that they are run automatically.  If
there was a way to only trigger the processing rules when I want to,
and only on selected messages, it would be fine.

Holger's suggestion of using the "mark" flag could work, providing
there is a way to mark the message and run the rules with a single

> * "Run processing rules when opening": If you look at another folder
> after reading some message(s) and then get back to your Inbox, the
> read messages in there will then be processed.

This seems to be the only drawback of processing rules - there's no way
of running them without leaving the folder.  Would it make sense to
have them run on new messages appearing in the folder, or would that
break things that other people use the processing rules for?

> Hope that helps and my apologies for the wall of text.

Not at all, I'm very grateful for your and everyone else's assistance!
Much appreciated.


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